Option Leverage(Writing)

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Option Leverage(Writing)

Traders often jump into trading options with little understanding of options strategies. There are many strategies available that limit risk and maximize return. Only options offer the strategic alternatives necessary to profit in every type of market. When you sell an option, you collect the option premium bought by the original buyer and your goal is to buy it back at a lower price. There are many factors that affect option pricing such as time to expiration, price movement direction and volatility. Unlike other equity options Bank Nifty options expires every Thursday which gives more chances to earn on weakly maturity of the contracts through various option strategies like bear spread, short straddle, butterfly spread etc.

Our Features:

3-4 calls in a month

Expiry special call

Also Event based calls

Opening Bell, Closing Bell & Other Updates

Support via SMS & Messenger.

Proper entry-level, Stop-loss level and target level are mentioned.

Minimum Investment: Rs.1,50,000 - 2,00,000.

Please feel free to ask any query to our highly qualified and experienced analyst or managers about the details which is available above. Our services are fully customized as per the need of our valuable customers. For Further details kindly contact on 9111104806.

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