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Option Balance

Our motive to design this product is to drag profit from highly volatile market. This can help the traders to maximize return at low risk by using option strategies. For this product our research is based on option strategies like Long Call, Long Put, Long Straddle and combination of both “CALL” and “PUT”. The analysis is based on qualitative and quantitative aspects of the particular script or index. Our product is specially designed for the trader who enjoys the volatility of the Option market.

Our Features

We provide best 3 - 4 calls on monthly basis.

Provide Nifty & Bank Nifty Trend

Provide all important news and economy updates

Support via SMS & Messenger.

Personalized solution (for any query)

Proper support For BUY/HOLD/EXIT.

Please feel free to ask any query to our highly qualified and experienced analyst or managers about the details which is available above. Our services are fully customized as per the need of our valuable customers. For Further details kindly contact on 9111104806.

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