Suitability Assessment

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Procedure for Suitability Assessment for client

Pursuant to the obligations placed on an investment advisor by SEBI under SEBI (Investment Advisor) Regulations 2013, we have decided to formulate policies for risk profiling and suitability assessment as required under regulation 16 and 17 of the said act.

The classification should be done in a manner that

  • (i) it meets the client’s investment objectives;
  • (ii) the client is able to bear any related investment risks consistent with its investment objectives and risk tolerance;
  • (iii) the client has the necessary experience and knowledge to understand the risks involved in the transaction.

To ensure that the advice given to the client is suitable for the client we shall ensure that all investments on which investment advice is provided is appropriate to the risk profile of the client by categorizing client as low risk appetite, medium risk appetite and high risk appetite. A similar classification will be done for products after considering the risk and reward of the services offered and various sebi guidelines in this regards. Client with Medium risk appetite is recommended to subscribe medium risk services only and client with high risk appetite is recommended to subscribe either medium or high risk services. We do not offer low risk services.

We are not offering any complex financial products.
Sr. No Score Type of Investor Level of Risk Tolerance Suitable Services Characteristics of services
1 0-9 Conservative Low Nil NA
2 Above 9 and below 18 Moderate Medium Group A Offers Medium risk and reward, Generally principal is exposed to risk but not 100% exposed to risk Approximately 4-5 Services per service and mostly intraday
3 18 and above Aggressive High Group B Offers High risk and high return, Principal may be at 100% risk, suitable only for experienced investors/ willing to take risk in markets for high returns. Approximately 4-5 Services per service and sometimes required to hold the position.
“low” risk investor

-An investor who has low ability to accept risk. To achieve better returns, not willing/ able to invest a portion in equity funds or stocks for capital gains

“moderate” risk investor

- An investor who understand risk in investment and accept short to long term fluctuation to achieve a high return and capital gain. Capital values can fluctuate and may fall under original investment capital, during economy downturn. Such Investor should be offered services classified under Group A

“high” risk investor

- An investor who seek for “high risk high return” investment, able to accept short to long term fluctuation to earn very high returns. Services under Group B are recommended however client may also opt for services under Group A.

Classification of Services
Sr. No Group A Group B
1 Stock Cash Option Balance
2 Wealth Plus Stock Future
3 Equity Evolution Nifty Future
4 Monthly Wealth Builder Stock Option
5 Bullion
6 Option Leverage (Writing)
7 Index Option
8 Stock Future Grow
9 Option Grow
10 Bullion Grow


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